Our Story

Impresa Magini was founded in 1959 by Ferdinando Magini, who started this family business that has been run for three generations. Enrolled with the Cassa Edile (Construction Worker’s Social Security Fund) of Arezzo in 1963, the year in which the Institute was established (Cassa Edile Arezzo), our construction company based in Cortona became a leading company in the renovation of country houses and in the complicated management of constriction sites in historical centres of old towns.

Ferdinando’s son, Enzo, and his wife Gilda took over the family company in 1980, expanding the business with valuable projects to make flagstone street pavings in historical centres. The passion for renovation and construction then continued with their son, Igor Michele, who graduated in Architecture at the University of Florence and, alternating study and work in the construction site, became Operations Manager of the company in 2000.

The Company Today

Today, the company is among the most sound ones with decades of experience in the construction field in Tuscany and has a team of over 40 workers and a personal team of professional surveyors and designers. It is specialised in the remodelling, renovation, refurbishment and preservative restoration of old valuable buildings even in historical centres of old towns, in the construction of new private houses and in the execution of public works.

Istitutional Roles

In addition to that, since 2013 Architect Igor Michele Magini holds the position of Chairman of Confindustria Arezzo – Ance Section (the National Association of Developers and Building Companies ) and was elected Chairman of the Cassa Edile (Construction Worker’s Social Security Fund) of the Province of Arezzo in November 2018.