Design and Assistance

Every block of stone has a statue within and it is up to the sculptor to discover it. Michelangelo Buonarroti Caprese, 6 March 1475 – Rome, 18 February 1564

Designing a “Renovation” project requires good skills in terms of knowledge of construction because sometimes historical buildings are characterised by “inconsistent” elements overlapping the original structure or even partially or totally collapsed without leaving traces of the original shape of the building. The core of the design phase is a dialogue and a first site inspection with the client; that is why Architect Magini recognises and describes the most suitable interventions and mostly listens to the client’s aims and expectations.

A detailed analysis is carried out through a survey and a study of the possible solutions that perfectly match the historicity of the building and comply with the regulations in force, the modern living needs, the construction and energy saving requirements, but first of all the client’s requests. The agreed project turns into an application to get a building permit and other licences from the relevant city council, the local authorities and the Superintendency for Cultural Heritage.

The General Contractor

As a guarantee of the company professionalism, Architect Igor Michele Magini supplies, upon request, the service of “General Contractor”.

A General Contractor is the one who selects and coordinates other companies and professionals to carry out and successfully complete the works; he manages and controls the progress of works in the construction site until the end and he is the only one in charge of the project and the sole contact person for the client.

A Spirit of Cooperation

Impresa Magini is open to collaborate with other professionals and companies trusted by the client in a spirit of cooperation, by establishing a proper working relationship aimed at the successful outcome of works.

Regardless of the option finally chosen by the client, thanks to the reserved area on this website, he will always be able to monitor the progress of works in his construction site through updated photos and downloadable periodic reports.