The Renovation

He (the Architect) must then have invention and practical experience, because neither invention without education, nor education without invention can make the perfect creator. “De Architectura” – Marcus Vitruvius Pollio Year 15 B.C.

These words of Vitruvius inspire the work of our company as here the practical experience of three generations of builders is combined with “the education” intended as broad knowledge of history, art, construction theories of Engineering and Architecture.

Thanks to this interdisciplinarity it is possible to take a broad look at renovation, being able to preserve and innovate, to propose old techniques and introduce modern products, to safeguard a building, but at the same time to make it functional and suitable to new living needs and requirements consisting of comfort and attention to health and energy saving.

Renovation in Old Towns

Renovation in historical centres presupposes, apart from an essential dialogue with the local authorities, an attitude to flexibility in terms of organisation and inventive in terms of logistics. From the moment in which the construction site is set up to the daily management of works, Impresa Magini has been guaranteeing for three generations a perfect execution in full compliance with the agreed schedules and deadlines and with price optimisation, as it is used to operate in private and public protected buildings that are subject to restrictions established by the Superintendency of Cultural Heritage.

Noble Villas and Country Houses

“The clients who intend to remodel or renovate a historical building, whether it be a villa or an old country house, have the preservation and enhancement of the features of architectural beauty that determined their will and need to start a renovation project as their first priority”.

Impresa Magini wisely uses invention and building technology with the aim of preserving the historicity and thus the value of a property, by adding architectural and structural elements that are consistent with the type of building and adapting it to the new living needs of comfort and energy saving.

It often happens that a client needs a complex intervention both in the main building and in its annexes, especially in villas and country estates.

Therefore the company is able to make gradual interventions following specific economic requirements or to coordinate several operations at the same time, as we can count on a large team of workers, in order to guarantee a successful overall result in a short time.

The client will always be involved in the progress of works through a personal web page with descriptive documents and photos that are periodically uploaded.

Our Renovation

Badia di Campoleone

Renovation and transformation of a villa into a 5-star L tourist accommodation facility named “Badia di Campoleone” in Capolona (AR).

Palazzo Castellani

Restauro di palazzo privato situato nel centro storico di Cortona.

Museum of the Etruscan Academy

Conservative renovation of Palazzo Casali – seat of the Museum of the Etruscan Academy.
Former rest home Sernini

Conservative renovation of the former rest home “C. Sernini” now seat of the University of Georgia, on Via delle Santucce, in Cortona.
Palazzo del Capitano del Popolo

Conservative renovation of a building for residential use, formerly knwon as Palazzo del Capitano del Popolo, located in Cortona.

Abitazione con piscina

Restauro di complesso colonico in località Cortoreggio.

Bishop’s Palace

Conservative renovation of the Bishop’s Palace of Cortona.

Co-cathedral of Cortona

Conservative renovation of the façades and roof of the Co-Cathedral of Cortona.

Santa Margherita

Lavori di restauro sulla cappella ai caduti all’interno della basilica.

Duomo di Arezzo

Riapertura loculi della navata centrale.

Chiesa di S. Michele ad Arezzo

Lavori di consolidamento strutturale e rifacimento della facciata.

Palazzo comunale di Cortona

Restauro orologio del palazzo comunale di Cortona.

Osteria del Teatro

Renovation of the building housing the restaurant “Osteria del Teatro” on Via Maffei in Cortona.

Villa Il Trebbio

Conservative renovation of “Villa Il Trebbio” in Loc. Ossaia near Cortona.
Taverna Pane e Vino

Renovation of the building housing the restaurant “Pane e Vino” on Piazza Signorelli in Cortona.
Hotel Oasi

Conservative renovation of “Hotel Oasi” in Loc. Le Contesse near Cortona.

Il Palazzone

Collaboration with the University “Scuola Normale di Pisa” to carry out works in the so-called “Palazzone”, formerly known as Palazzo Passerini, located in Le Contesse, near Cortona.

  • Other renovation works in a protected buildings of great value
  • Church of San Carlo Borromeo

    Renovation and transformation into an art gallery of the Church of San Carlo Borromeo in Cortona.

  • General Register Office and CGIL offices

    Renovation of former headquarters of Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze turned into General Register Office and offices of the CGIL (Trades Union Organization) on behalf of the City Council of Cortona.

  • Palazzo Bourbon di Petrella

    Conservative renovation of the building on Via Ghini, owned by the Gestione Alberghiera S.r.l.

  • Albergo Italia

    Conservative renovation of Albergo Italia on Via Ghibellina in Cortona.

  • Palazzo Passerini

    Conservative renovation of Palazzo Passerini on Piazza della Repubblica in Cortona (AR).

  • Villa Persichetti

    Conservative renovation of Villa Persichetti dei Giudici to create a 5 star hotel in Loc. Castelluccio near Capolona.

  • Pietro Berrettini’s house

    Renovation of the house where painter Pietro Berrettini was born located on Via Berrettini in Cortona.

  • Palazzo Venuti

    Conservative renovation of Palazzo Venuti owned by the City of Cortona in Cortona.

  • Palazzo Vagnucci

    Conservative renovation of Palazzo Vagnucci on Via Nazionale in Cortona.

  • Palazzo Fierli

    Renovation of the cellars of “Palazzo Fierli” to create the restaurant “Nessun Dorma” on Piazza Signorelli in Cortona.

  • Palazzo Casali

    Conservative renovation of Palazzo Casali on Piazza Signorelli in Cortona.

  • Podere Rapale

    Conservative renovation of the building named “Podere Rapale” owned by Fabbriceria Opere Riunite del Duomo e della chiesa monumentale di Santa Maria Nuova, in Loc. S. Maria Nuova near Cortona (AR).

  • Palazzo Tommasi

    Conservative renovation of Palazzo Tommasi in Cortona (AR).

  • Church of San Filippo Neri

    Conservative renovation of the Church of S. Filippo Neri on Via Roma in Cortona.

  • Palazzo Lovari

    Conservative renovation of Palazzo Lovari on Via Nazionale in Cortona.

  • Palazzo Quintani

    Conservative renovation of Palazzo Quintani on Via Roma in Cortona.

  • Former Hospital of Cortona

    Conservative renovation of the former hospital of Cortona.

  • Villa Santa Croce

    Renovation of the real estate complex named “Villa Santa Croce” in Cortona.

  • Palazzo Vagnotti

    Renovation and reinforcement of timber ceilings and floors of Palazzo Vagnotti in Cortona.

  • Former Monastery of Santa Chiara

    Renovation as subcontractor of a complex of buildings formerly known as “Monastery of Santa Chiara” in Arezzo.

  • Church of Staggiano

    Renovation of the roof of the Church of Staggiano in Arezzo.

  • Church of San Leopoldo

    Renovation of the Church of San Leopoldo in Pietraia near Cortona.

  • Church of Ronzano

    Renovation of the Church of Ronzano turned into apartments in the Municipality of Cortona.

  • Country house in Asciano

    Renovation and refurbishment of a country house located in the Crete Senesi area, in Asciano.

  • Convent of Capuchin friars

    Renovation works carried out in the complex named “Convent of the Capuchin friars” in Perugia.