The act of becoming is a sequence of people, of human beings who change in their bodies and habits, whereas only the place is a theatre that never moves. The Square. It is 1959 and it is early morning, and Ferdinando Magini is there; it is 1980 and his son Enzo is there; it is 1999 in the morning and Igor, Ferdinando’s grandson, is there and the Square is still there, and it is from “Her” that the ”construction site” begins. Instructions, groups, details, that’s how the day starts. Impresa Magini

Our Story

We believe that our passion for Architectural Design and Renovation can contribute to a harmonious development between technological present and preservation, and we think that certain economic activities, due to the place where they are rooted and to the way they are carried out, simply continue to tell the “genius of a place”.

Our story

Certified Professionalism

Architect Igor M. Magini plays the role, upon request, of “General Contractor”, selecting and coordinating the work of other companies and professionals on the construction site and he is the sole contact person and manager for the client.
The company constantly monitors and updates the process to guarantee safety at work, the health of its employees and most of all the tranquillity of the clients who decide to choose Impresa Magini as their contractor for building or renovation works.