Constructions and Public Tenders

A house is a machine to be lived. Le Corbusier “Vers une architecture” 1923

New Buildings

“A house is a machine to be lived”, this concept is valid for every scale dimension. The houses of today are “machines”, which means a group of harmonious components of beauty, structure, energy efficiency, comfort and durability. With this philosophy, Impresa Magini deals with the construction of new residential and industrial buildings.

Public Tenders and Great Works

Impresa Edile Stradale Magini has been awarded the SOA certificate for public works for the categories OG1 and OG2 up to class V being a member of CQOP (Qualified Builders for Public Works) and of the consortium ABILS comprising the companies that are involved in the execution of public works at national level.

Impresa Magini boasts a decades-long experience in the field of public works and operates with its own team in the areas of Central Italy, such as Tuscany, Umbria, the Marches and Emilia-Romagna, standing out at national level for its reliability and professional integrity.

Public works Portfolio

Renewable Energies Centre

Execution of structural works at the “Renewable Energies Centre” in Ravenna on behalf of Salvati Spa.

Plant for bio-waste treatment

Construction of “Innovative plant for bio-waste treatment” in the village of Belladanza near Città di Castello (PG).

Plant for cereal treatment

Construction of a new plant for cereal treatment at “Molitoria Umbra”, province of Perugia.

MAEC Museum

Restoration of MAEC, the Museum with the ancient eighteenth-century Accademia Etusca collections